Haystack Sciences was founded by a team of experienced scientists with a passion for DNA-Encoded Library technologies. Our mission is to find better drug candidates by acquiring more and better data, and thereby doing drug discovery that is faster and better informed.

Haystack Sciences is a graduate from the prestigious Illumina Accelerator, with a funding team that includes Viking, Illumina Accelerator, and WSGR.


Haystack Sciences’ DNA-Encoded Libraries couple synthetic chemistry with Darwinian selection to evolve drug candidates.

Haystack Sciences synthesizes some of the most diverse and drug-like chemical libraries on earth. Our cutting edge chemical techniques access a market-leading array of chemistries and maximize library yields.

Haystack Sciences’ novel methods enable the selection of molecules possessing multiple properties required of good drugs, including affinity and selectivity, as well as key metabolic and pharmacokinetic properties.

Haystack’s innovative selection technology captures rich data correlating chemical structures to activities. This novel technology rank orders compounds by their activities, informing and speeding drug discovery.


We bring our innovative chemistry to partners with compelling biology to find drug candidates.

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We are located in South San Francisco, in the heart of Bay Area biotech.

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    280 Utah Avenue, Suite 110, South San Francisco, 94080, USA

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